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So, I didn't get to go to Georgia State. Too much money. Now I'm at an online college getting a degree in History. Wow, my life has veered waaaaay off course than what I actually wanted. Oh well.

A Loooong Story

So, long story short, I've moved from Virginia to Georgia, I live in a one-room apartment with my parents, and I'm going to Georgia State University for a degree in Linguistics. Eventually I might lengthen that story.

Whole 'Nother Level

My baby sister has gotten a job at the local supermarket. The big sister in me doesn't want her to have it, because I still see her as my baby sis who is too young to be working.

Well, today my mom swung by the house after her job to pick my sister up for an interview. While they were gone I got to catch up on my Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (lame, i know, but it's addicting). When they got back roughly and hour and a half later, my sis waltzes in saying that I have a secret admirer. I thought my sis was joking so I told her I didn't believe her. She said, "It's true. I know I usually joke with you like that, but I always have a goofy grin on my face that gives it away (this part is true). I can even tell you his name: Logan."

Me: *thinking*...Who the heck is Logan? O.o I don't know anyone by the name of Logan.

My mom was busy talking to a neighbor, so I had to wait for her to get in the house to confirm the story. When she finally walks in, she has this really strange grin on her face and asks, "Who's Logan?"

I told I don't know, because I honestly don't know anyone by the name of Logan. So mom starts to tell me the story. A bit of info first, my mother and I both work at the local mall, me in a bookstore, and her in a women's clothing store. Logan apparently works at Sears. Today he came into my work asking when I was working next. Thank God my boss didn't tell him. She told him that he would have to talk to my mother and directed him to her store. So he came to my mother asking when I next worked. Well, she got one of the two days right, that's all I'm gonna say. But she was really surprised that he was asking about me, since it seems he's not all bad-looking. (I wouldn't know, I don't remember seeing him) My mom asked him why he wanted to know, and he said he thought I was cute.

Mom then asks, "Have you seen my daughter? She's well, kinda fat." (Thanks, Mom. Thank a lot.)

Logan then replies that so is he, although my mother says that he definitely is NOT fat.

So long story short, I have appear to have a secret admirer who works at Sears. He knows me, but I don't know him. Grrrreat.

Updates and MY BIRTHDAY!!! ^O^

Yah, I haven't been on lately. Sorry. But I have a legitimate reason. I have had another tragedy in my life. My grandfather passed away only 58 days after my grandmother. Once again I was not able to go to the funeral. I was left to take care of my younger sister and keep the house in tip-top shape.

The only catch was...our refrigerator broke. All the food we had bought to tide us over till our parents got back thawed, melted, etc. Thank God I had gotten my license while my aunt came to visit us. I was able to go out and buy fast food till the fridge was fixed.

May 19 was my birthday. I'm now 20 years old. The bad part about my birthday was that I had to work the closing shift at work. -_- But in compensation, we got a leak from the roof. xD *sigh* But it was kinda sad too. My grandparents weren't there to call me and tell me happy birthday. My dad is in another state working. And for a while none of my other relatives called. (I say for a while, because they called me in the evening because they had to get my cell phone number from my mother xD). On top of that. I was unable to fall asleep until about 4AM. When I FINALLY was able to sleep, I was having a REALLY good dream about going to Red Robins, which I have never been to, but mom said we could go there for dinner. At a few minutes before 8AM, my sister comes bursting into my room.

Sis: Rye...

Me:...ugh? What? Oh, it's you. What do you want?

Sis: *shouts* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Sis: And also...can I borrow your shoes?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the point where had I not been 6 feet up in the air (I have a studio bed) I would have pummeled her. Not hard, I was still half asleep, but enough for payback for dragging me out of a wonderful dream. And, of course, I am totally kidding about the pummeling part. Though I was very mad...

Now on the the good things. I went to Red Robins for the first time. They had really good iced tea and garlic fries, but as far as burger joints go, I think I prefer Fudruckers. My mother got me a new bathrobe and a hair turban to dry my hair. My sister rented "The Golden Compass" and "27 Dresses" for me. And my dad got me some gold hoop earrings. ^O^ And my cake was a round, double layer, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing and blue flowers. Yum. So all in all, it was a good birthday.

And a special thanks to omnicat for being the first non-relative to wish me a happy birthday. THANK YOU!!!!

Another Slap in the Face

I should have known something was amiss when my mother walked into my work and handed me a McDonald's bag with two cold chicken biscuits for lunch. "This is for lunch," she said. "I gotta go. Your dad's waiting outside to take me to the commissary." And then she left.

I somehow had a feeling that the fast food was to tied me over should they not be there when my work shift was over. And I was right. After I had signed out, I called my mother's cell phone. And sure enough they weren't anywhere near close to picking me up. They were at the beach on the boardwalk, talking to my cousin from they had run into at the commissary, and her husband. My cousin is younger than I am!!! And she's MARRIED!!!

I cannot believe this. But it is true. My relatives and parents have been wanting me to get a boyfriend for years, and now that my younger cousin is married I suspect that they will press even more. I'm getting a feeling of dread for the upcoming Christmas visit. Last year the scenario went like this.

Relative #1: ...So, you're in college now.

Me: Yep.

Relative #1: Your classes doing alright?

Me: Yep.

Relative #1: So, meet any nice college boys yet?

Me: Nope.

Relative#1: Aw, but that's okay. You don't want to settle for just anyone.

Relative #2: ...So, you're in college now. *same conversation*


Relative #1: ...So, how's college?

...I'm really dreading the trip to visit the Bennet relatives. I can just picture it now.

Relative: So, I hear your cousin got married.

Me: Yep.

Relative: You get a boyfriend yet?

Me: Nope.

Relative: Well, while you don't want to settle for just anybody, you might want to hurry that along. You ain't getting any younger, and your cousin is married already to a nice young man and she's younger than you. Don't you want a boyfriend?

Me: ...Yah...

Relative: Oh, look at that cute guy pushing shopping carts!

Me: Where?!

Relative: Oh, it's too late now. Why weren't you paying closer attention?

Me: ......

Musings on the Future

The time has come once again to register for classes. But I have no earthly idea what it is exactly I want to pursue.

I have thought about being a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld, but I think I may want more of a social life than I currently have. From what I've seen, those people eat, sleep, and breathe their jobs like their married to it. I cannot say if it is true, but it is the impression I am getting.

I have thought about becoming a massage therapist, but mother's concerns for my safety quickly put that idea out of my head. Instead I have been urged to pursue a career in physical therapy, because supposedly they make a lot of money. That's fine and dandy, but I don't like people that much, and I certainly don't relish the thought of being sued because of malpractice or anything. (Not that I would be malpracticing anything, but one cheapskate out to make a buck could end my career in a heartbeat.)

I have also thought of becoming an overseas English teacher because it seemed like fun and I've always wanted to travel. But again, mother's concern for my safety has nay-sayed that idea. Also, since mom is a teacher herself, I realized exactly why I swore up and down to never be a teacher in the first place: I don't need to deal with crap from snot-nosed kids with stuck-up, no-brained parents.

And so I am back to square one. I would like my career to be something I enjoy. I also feel that it is important to take into account that I do plan to married someday and would like my job to be in harmony with that of my husband. I would also like it to provide enough income incase (God forbid) something happens and I become the sole provider.

It's so tough for me to find what I want to do. Not only can I not make up my mind, I also feel that I need to choose something my parents won't cringe at. I just don't know. And I'm sick of not knowing. I just wish I could make up my mind and find my dream job, work a few years, marry, settle down, and raise some kids. And maybe do something that will leave my mark in history somehow. Like write a classic novel that future generations will read for centuries after or something. I think that is my real dream. To gain immortality by making a permanent mark in history. I doubt that will really happen, but hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Hm, catchy tune

I just happened to google a band I like, Dong Bang Shin Gi (AKA: DBSG,DBSK,TVXQ and Tōhōshinki[Japanese version of their name]) and lo and behold! A New Song! It's catchy. I haven't listened to them since their song "Ballons" for personal reasons, but today I was just like, "What the heck, why not?" So I googled them. Man, I forgot how pleasing to the ear they are. I also happen to like Super Junior's "U". (the look on the girl's face at the end is priceless xD) BoA's okay, I guess. It depends on the song. Don't know that much about other Korean bands, I don't usually listen to them that much.

However, I do have to say that over the summer I became aquainted with some Korean dramas, and I have fallen in love with them. Regretfully, the only one that I got to see completely was My Name is Kim Sam Soon. And it is my favorite BY FAR! And Hyun Bin is yummy. He's in another drama "Snow Queen" but I've only been able to see two episodes. And I think he was in "A Millionare's First Love". Ah, who cares, he's yummy.

I did have to stop watching them when summer came to an end and school started up again, but I hope to get back to them soon. Plus I needed the break because I was starting to dream in subtitles. No, I'm not joking. Stop laughing!

Back Again

Well, I'm back from a week-long trip with my family and my aunt and uncle and their baby. The good news is this time it didn't take us six hours to get to our destination, more like, 3.

It was an okay trip. We went to a cabin on a time share in the mountains where it takes a half-hour to get to Wal-Mart. Speaking of Wal-Mart, we went there before we left, and can you believe it, ALL the REGISTERS were BROKE!!!! How ridiculous is that?! Anyway, we got to go on boat ride on the lake and ride in horse-drawn wagon. Unfortunately we had to leave early 'cuz Dad saw on the weather channel that we were supposed to be hit by a HUUUGE storm (except that only certain areas were hit).

(And this is the part where I truly have no shame, but it needs to be said. I was having a horrible time because I am a female and that thing we do every month happened to fall on the day after we got to the cabin. Lucky lucky me. Not.)

So then we go to our other time share. I suggest we go to Busch Gardens on Friday because A)it's Howl-O-Scream season, B)it's slightly overcast which is perfect for Howl-O-Scream and C) if we go on Saturday the placed will be packed to the bursting point. But does anyone listen to me? Heck NO?! Instead we went to the outlet malls (which I LOATHE going to because there nothing to do there (translation: No bookstores or music/movie store. Just tons of clothes, shoes, and kitchen utensils.). So then we head on over to BG on Saturday, but guess what? Wait for it, wait for it: IT WAS AT FULL CAPACITY! And wasn't even noon yet! (The park opens at 10AM.) So then I went into a little rant about how I told them so, but no one listens to me because I'm the stupid female child. Needless to say, I wasn't happy.

And of course, no one wanted to at least go to the Go Karts, oh no. Gosh, see, this is why I hate having no people my age to hang out with. I'm not quite the adult who can participate in really adult things, but I am most certainly not a kid, and I'm in the last year of my teens.

All in all, it was an okay trip. But it could have been SO much better. Oh well. I finally got to see The Wicker Man with Nicolas Cage (which btw, wasn't worth the film they used to shoot the footage). I also got to spend time with my aunt and uncle which was cool, and my baby cousin is cute when he's not crying-a typical baby. I just wish the trip could have been more fun.

A Miracle?!

They say God works in mysterious ways. Oh, boy is that ever true. I have a humongous speech (well, an important one) that needs to be four to six minutes long. And in case you never had to stand up and talk in front of people for a certain amount of time, four minutes is a long time. Anyway, the speech was due today, instead of next Tuesday like everyone else because I am going out of town with some relatives. And because of work and preparation for the trip (translated: LOTS of housecleaning), I have been unable to do much of my speech, or any other homework for that matter.

So by 9:30PM yesterday, I was too tired to be conscious, let alone coherent. My solution was to go ahead and go to bed and wake myself up at midnight and continue my speech. (It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it has worked in the past...But for different subjects). I did exactly that. I groggily dragged my carcass out of bed and back on to the computer to finish typing my speech. Unfortunately, I had a hard time trying to focus on the speech, and when I tried looking for the online articles that I needed as references, LO and BEHOLD! they were nowhere to be found.

I would like to take the time now to recognize my faithful dog, Ranger. He is my two year old German Shepherd and my constant home companion; as such, he sleeps in my room. Many times his sleep has been interrupted by my late-night antics on the computer. Usually he just goes off to some dark corner and goes to sleep there. However, when I turned into a sobbing, hysterical mess when I realized that it was four in the morning and I was nowhere near finishing my speech, he came over and licked my face and nuzzled me. I love my dog, can you tell? I've only known him since he was two weeks old. xD

After that, I called it quits. Two hours later, I was dragging my sorry carcass (albeit more slowly) back out of bed to get ready for school. I was too tired to even make my detox shake. Speaking of which, I need to get some actual Psyllium Husk powder because opening the capsule and mixing it with the Activated Charcoal isn't working as well as I thought it would. But anyway, I think I was making a good impression of the walking dead.

I get to school, dreading the moment when I have to tell my professor that I can't do the speech that day, and having him take points off when I finally get back to do it. As a perfectionist, and a rather shy one too, this is humiliating. As I was walking to the electrical building (Yes, my class is in the electrical building. No, I don't know why a speech class is there.) I saw some of my classmates coming towards me, saying, "Class is canceled."

*cue Hallelujah Chorus*

So, my teacher can't possibly penalize me for him not showing up on the appointed time, knowing FULL WELL IN ADVANCE that I was not going to be there for the regular day of speech, right? Right. I can truly say, "Thank God for small miracles."

Nuthin' Like a Little Romance

Gosh, I need to get out more often. I can't stop thinking about poor Walter. Stupid, I know.

I did like Kitty's hair though. I've been surfing the net to try to find crystal-clear-you-can't-go-wrong instructions on how to finger curl your hair, but so far, no such luck. All the sources do emphasize the use of what they call "wave lotion", whatever that is...Maybe modern hairgel will work?

Watched Peter Jackson's King Kong today. Naomi Watts, who plays Ann Darrow, also played Kitty. Same hairstyle too, except in King Kong, she's blonde, and her hair is longer. And she gets to make goo-goo eyes with Adrian Brody. Lucky girl.

Gosh, I need to get out more often.